Ultimate FRIENDS Quiz

Think you know the six of them? Take this quiz to find out!

Jessica Tucker
Created By Jessica Tucker
On Jan 1, 2019
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How old was Chandler when he first touched a girls breast?

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What was the name of the woman whom Joey and Chandler both dated, that had a wooden leg?

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What is Phoebe's "roommates" name?

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When unable to purchase all volumes of encyclopedia's, what volume did Joey decide on?

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Which are the three words that make Chandlers' balls go straight up into his body?

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In one of the flashback episodes, why did Joey think Monica was hitting on him?

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In the first season, Joey invites his friends to his play. What is the name of his character?

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What famous old director is in a picture in Joey's room?

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What was Chandler Bing's job before he got into advertisement?

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Where is Tag from?

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Which of Joey's sisters did Chandler make out with?

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When Phoebe and Joey were setting up dates for each other, who did Phoebe set Joey up with?

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What is Rachel's fathers favorite drink?

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When Monica was trying to figure out Phoebe's grandmother's cookie recipe, which batch made Ross sick?

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What is Ross allergic too?

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