How well do you know Melanie Martinez?

Test your knowledge on the adorable alternative singer Melanie Martinez, and see how well you know her!

Jess H
Created by Jess H
On May 23, 2017

What is Melanie's middle name?

Where did Melanie first get noticed?

What came first?

What are her fans called?

What was the first single off of Cry Baby?

How old is Melanie?

Melanie can play...

Melanie's birthday is in what month?

Melanie is also a...

Not very well :(

Not very well :(

You don't know Melanie that well, I'm sorry

A real Cry Baby!

A real Cry Baby!

You know Melanie so well and we should be friends!

You know Mel, pretty well.

You know Mel, pretty well.

You know most everything about Melanie, except for maybe one or two things