Are You A Tampon, A Maxi Pad Or A Menstrual Cup?

PMS, anyone?

Jessa Johansson
On Feb 28, 2018

How do you feel about blood?

Most of your days you feel...

Choose your favorite red:

Your favorite activity is...

Your favorite time of the day is...

In what position do you sleep?

How do you feel about your period?

Why are you doing this quiz?!

You're a tampon!

You're a tampon!

You're very efficient, compact and very neat. You can absorb a lot but at some point, you will explode. Our advice - always say what's on your mind so you don't reach your limit!

You're a maxi pad!

You're a maxi pad!

You're a warm, tolerant, and an inclusive person. You're sometimes a bit scattered and messy, but you have a lot of advantages to compensate for it.

You're a menstrual cup!

You're a menstrual cup!

You are innovative, sophisticated and efficient. You do not get along with everyone, but those who do understand you - love you very much!