Can You Spot The Hidden Kitten?

The kitten has gone missing again! Can you spot the kitten?

Jenny Grisham
Created by Jenny Grisham
On Mar 2, 2017
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Dora say

Have you seen the kitten?

Doris say

I see 2 of everything! This Balsam Laxative is kicking my butt! More?

Dr. Seth Arnold's Balsam
Dr. Seth Arnold's Balsam say

Drink up ladies! Take your medicine!

Black Cat
Black Cat say

I think you have had enough! BTW FOUND HER!

Did You Find Our Kitty?

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Dora say

Oh my, I believe the moment has arrived! I'll play this game on my iPhone while I go Only 1% of The Population Can See The Hidden Assassin in This Vintage Illustration

Doris say

I'll wait here for you to come back while I play another puzzle too. Look! Some poor Minstrel has lost his harp! This looks fun too! Hark! I have Lost My Hidden Harp! Only 1% of People With a Keen Eye for Details Will See Where It Is

Cat say

Actually, this optical illusion is my favorite if you ask me. But I am just a cat! This Historical Optical Illusion Has People Scratching Their Heads in Confusion Since the 1800s