How Mexican Are You?

Are you Mexican? Find out how much you know relating to your culture?

Jenny Castro
Created By Jenny Castro
On Jan 26, 2019

Who is the current President of Mexico?

What is the truth behind Cinco de mayo?

Who is this?

Your musical preference?

Your Christmas dinner?

What is a molcajete?

Que estas haciendo?

Jenni Rivera died in December 2012. What was her nickname?

Who is this?

Your favorite Novela?

Which movie is a must have in your collection?

You're hungry, where do you go to eat?

How many bailes have you been too?

Your dessert choice?

What comes to mind when you see this picture?

What do you consider yourself?

Who is Mexican?

Your dance preference?

Who did Los Tucanes de Tijuana pay homage to in a song?

What is pico de gallo?

25% Mexican

25% Mexican

You may consider yourself to be Chicano or even white. You prefer English pop and hip/hop music to Spanish music. You cant stand novelas and hate the sound of your neighbors or anyone for that matter blasting corridos. You prefer cocktail drinks to coronas and have less than 5 Mexican friends. Your parents are less likely to speak Spanish and you have no idea what Champurrado is or who Pepe Aguilar is. Your not too fond of Tapatio sauce. When you tell someone your Mexican, they appear surprised and you feel somewhat ashamed of this. You do love Mexican food, and your natural tan though. Although you haven’t completely forgotten your ethnicity, its not of great importance to you. Like Jessica Alba, youll pretend to be Mexican when its called for or when its popular, your sort of like a chameleon. You are 25% Mexican, you are white washed!!

50% Mexican

50% Mexican

Although you love Mexican food, you prefer Hamburgers or Pizza to Tamales and Enchiladas. Your cousins have to drag you to the next baile in town, and when you do get ready for the dance you show up in flats and jeans and feel underdressed and akward. You think Mariachi music is beautiful and even like a little bit of cumbia. You know some Spanish words, and say the occasional “hola” when need be. You enjoy hearing old family stories and like your grandmas home cooked arroz con pollo. You even like some chamoy and dont mind Jalapenos once in a while. You prefer margaritas to Mexican beer. You think novelas are tacky and rather spend your time shopping than reading up on the latest politics and drug war in Mexico. Your proud to be an American and Chicano. You would rather visit Spain than Mexico. Your not that ashamed of your background but don’t feel the need to blurt out your Mexican to everyone you meet! You are 50% Mexican, you are a Gringo-Lite!

100% Mexican

100% Mexican

You love everything about your Mexican heritage. You attend every baile in town, and love to wear your cowboy boots. You rush home to watch your favorite novella while enjoying your home cooked carne asada and chile rellenos. You prefer flan to the typical store bought chocolate cake and love the taste of horchata. There are coronas stored in your fridge, and no party is compete without the sound of corridos or your favorite banda blasting through the roof. You get angry when they play salsa music in a Mexican restaurant, and are fluent in Spanish. You are an avid supporter of immigration reform, and only go to Taco Bell when you don’t feel like cooking. You have pictures of the Holy Virgin on your wall, and take your Catholic faith serious. No meal is complete without some Tapatio sauce! You aren't afraid to blast "Jefe de Jefes" or "El Paisano" by Los Tigres del Norte. You are not ashamed, you are 100% Mexican!

0% Mexican

0% Mexican

Although it may be in your blood, you don’t identify or consider yourself Mexican at all. Your genes, and the occasional trip into a Mexican restaurant is as much as you care for. You love music as long as it isn’t sung In Spanish, and have no idea what a corrido is. El Chapo Guzman was recently arrested and you had to google him to see what all the fuss was about. You have no Mexican friends, and don't speak Spanish. Heck, your parents don’t even speak Spanish! When asked, you tell your friends you are white or use the term “Spanish” to appear more superior. You hate Jalapenos.You don’t care for immigration reform and wish the topic would just go away. You’ve never made homemade tortillas and don’t understand why your fellow Mexicans love Pan Dulce. Selena is the only Mexican/Chicana singer you know, but you forget why she was killed. You find George Lopez annoying more than funny, and don't get any of his jokes. FAIL! You are 0% Mexican! You are White!