Can You Pass A Pre-Employment Psych Evaluation?

This test is based on a REAL pre-employment psychological evaluation examination.

Jennifer Simmons
On Mar 29, 2017

It bothers me when credit for a work well done is given to a group; I would rather be praised personally.

I tend to notice problems before I see the positive aspects of a situation.

I sometimes experience extreme mood swings from depression to elation without any apparent reason.

Have you ever used drugs?

Are you currently in a relationship?

Do you doubt yourself a lot?

From 1-6, How well do you respond to criticism?

Do you care about what your co-workers think of you?

Do you swear a lot?

From 1-6, How easy is it to make you angry?

From 1-6, Do you enjoy working in teams?

On average, how many hours do you sleep at night?

From 1-6, do you find routine boring?

Are you a friendly person?

Do you prefer working at a corner office or at an open space?

Do you eat lunch alone or with other people?

Have you ever quit a job because of social issues at the office?

Have you ever dated a co-worker?

Have you ever been involved in a fight?

Do you use forums often?

You're Hired!

You're Hired!

You've passed with flying colors!

You are a trustworthy, dedicated and passionate person. You love to challenge yourself, work hard and move up.
You will be a valuable asset to every company!

You Are on the Waiting List.

You Are on the Waiting List.

You are a hard worker and a quick thinker, but you have some personal issues that can affect your productivity in the future.
Our advice is to solve most of these issues before starting a new job, so that people will get to know the real you.

Sorry, the Position Has Already Been Filled.

Sorry, the Position Has Already Been Filled.

You did NOT pass!

You are a very eager, passionate and trustworthy person, but you are not suitable for an office job.
You don't like to sit around the office all day, work in front of the computer and have water cooler conversations. You are more suitable for an outside job, where you can be your own boss.