Are You More Like Your Mom Or Your Dad?

Which one of your parents are you most similar to? The answer is here!

Jennifer Simmons
On Mar 29, 2017

Who did you go to for an advice as a kid?

Which parent was more strict with you as a child?

Have you ever volunteered in some organization?

In your opinion, which is more important?

Which one of your parents was more embarrassing as a kid?

Are you a parent?

Do you think kids always make the same mistakes as their parents did?

Which one of your grandparents was closer to you growing up?

Your Mom

Your Mom

You are more like your mom!

Ever since you were a little kid, you've always had a special place in your heart for your mother. You absolutely love your father as well, but your unique connection with your mother is exceptional and one of a kind.
From her hugs and kisses when you were a kid, to her great pieces of advice when you grew up. Your mom is your adviser, your mentor and your rock!
Just like your mom, you are a very warm, loving and caring person. You always want to help people, make them feel loved, and you will do anything to turn a frown upside down.

Your Dad

Your Dad

You are more like your dad!

You've always had a special place in your life for your dad. Don't get us wrong, you love your mother very much, but your dad has won a special place in your heart.
From the days you used to play together when you were just a kid, to the tips and lessons he taught you as an adult, your dad has been a very inspirational person in your life, a true role model.
You might not have realized it until now, but you are very similar to you dad: You are smart, resourceful, great under pressure, and always have a funny "dad joke" up your sleeve.

A Bit of Both

A Bit of Both

You are truly the child of your parents!

You love both your parents equally, and you took all of their great qualities and mashed them together to become one super-awesome adult!
You have your mother's warm, caring an nurturing nature, and your fathers strong sense of honor, self-sacrifice and dedication.
You are truly the best child ever!