Are You An Optimist, A Pessimist Or A Realist?

Rate yourself on the scale and find out your true nature.

Jennifer Simmons
Created by Jennifer Simmons
On Nov 17, 2019

How friendly are you?
(Rate yourself on a scale of 1-8, 1 being the weakest connection, and 8 being the strongest)

How self-conscious would you say you are? (Rate yourself on a scale of 1-8)

Would you say you are a risk-taker?

You do everything you can before giving up on something completely.

It is possible for one person to make an actual difference in this world.

How much do you believe in people's ability to change what they are?

How much do you enjoy your alone time?

How spontaneous are you?

How romantic are you?

How much of a caring person are you?



You tend to be more of a pessimistic person. You don't believe in happy endings and that everything will be better tomorrow, you know better than that. You know that our life is not always in our control, and that we are all vulnerable. That knowledge enables you to live a rather disappointment-free life. You're not necessarily a non-happy person or depressed, not at all. You just expect the worst, and then you're more excited when something good happens, eventually. And good things DO happen from time to time, we promise.

Do you think you really are a pessimist or did we get it wrong? Tell us in the comments!



You are a true optimist at heart! You always see the bright side of life, always thinking positive thoughts and seeing butterflies and sunshine and unicorns everywhere! How awesome is that?? Deep down you know that no matter what happens to you, your attitude will always keep you happy and content. That's the best way to live life, isn't it?
It's true, sometimes you get burned by trusting too many people and believing that everything will turn up fine, but it sure is better than thinking about every little thing that can go wrong with your life. Keep up with the sunshine and the unicorns and that smile on your face, will you?

Do you think you really are an optimist or did we get it wrong? Tell us in the comments!



You are a true realist! You don't really believe in positive or negative thinking, you believe in the truth and the now. You always see the practical side of things, always weighing your options and foreseeing the most probable outcome. You are very calculated, smart, and you don't make rush decisions. You just see things for what they are, without all the crap, which makes you a great person to get life advice from. Now can you help all those optimists and pessimists see the world for what it really is??

Do you think you really are a realist or did we get it wrong? Tell us in the comments!