[QUIZ] Are You Actually Smarter Than Your Insurance Company?

Find out if you know your stuff when it comes to risk ratings for Canadian cars. Take the Quiz!

Jeff Mitchell
Created By Jeff Mitchell
On Aug 2, 2016
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One of Canada's longstanding top selling cars is the Honda Civic. Pick the year which is linked to the lowest insurance claim payouts.

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Which of Canada's top selling trucks costs the insurance company the least in claim payouts?

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Which car is associated with the highest medical costs related to accident claims?

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On average, which vehicle costs the insurance company the most in the damage repair/write off process?

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What Honda model runs up the biggest tab for collision claims (not including the first place Civic)!

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Many insurance policies cover damage done to the vehicle. Which of the below is the most expensive for insurers?

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Which Toyota model is linked to higher medical bills due to injuries sustained during accidents?

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What van has the lowest overall risk profile? (Hint: it isn't a new model!)

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Which is the vehicle crowned with one of the highest risk profiles in Canada?

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Which car is not only one of Canada’s top ranked cars for safety, but also crowned the least risky by insurance companies watching pocket book?

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