11 Perfect Excuses For Not Answering Someone's Text

Because "Sorry, my phone died" has been used a thousand times.

Jane Vinocur
Created by Jane Vinocur
On Aug 17, 2014

"I ran a marathon yesterday, ran straight to my bed, and passed out. I'm not even sure what day it is"

No one can hate someone so motivated...


"I let a little kid use my already dying phone to call their parent after they got lost in the park, then I received a good samaritan award at Town Hall"

Can't be mad at a good samaritan.


"I was FaceTiming my elderly grandfather for his 90th birthday because I didn't have enough money to go out and visit him"

That just pulls at their heartstrings and makes them forget why they were even upset in the first place.


"Sorry, I had, um, a..., um - oh! I had an important meeting"

So vague, so acceptable.


"Sorry, I've been having the worst day. I guess I just can't do anything right"

Use the Pitty card: Works 100% of the time.


"I helped an old lady who was being robbed and the robber stole my phone"

Everybody loves a hero :)


"My dog ate my phone"

The homework excuse gets a modern update.


"I was out partying all of last night and left my phone at the club"

Instead of getting mad, they'll wonder what they weren't invited too (You'll need another excuse for that).


"I let my niece play Angry Birds on my phone whenever I see her. What? You didn't know I had a niece?"

Family/Made up family is more important than everything else. If they don't understand, they're not worth your time.


"I was studying for finals. Oh? You want me to fail my test? I thought you were my friend"

Even if it's the middle of summer, everybody can respect a stressful test and will most likely forget that you snapped at them for no real reason


"I didn't want to talk to you"

Straight to the point.