Do You Let Fear Control Your Life?

How big is the impact of your fears on your life? Find out now!

Jane Norton
Created by Jane Norton
On Mar 29, 2017

I am scared that someone in my family will get hurt

I am scared that I will be involved in an accident

I am scared that my friends will not agree with my opinions

I am scared that my significant other doesn't really love me

I am scared that I will get fired

I am scared that I will get very sick

I am afraid that I will end up alone

I have to check up with my family members every day to know that they are all right

I will not go to certain places because I'm afraid I'll get hurt

I will not eat certain things because I'm afraid I won't like it

I won't try because I'm afraid I'll fail

I won't say what I really think because I'm scared other people won't agree

I don't like to be alone

I go to the doctor just to make sure I'm healthy

I listen more to my fears than to my wishes



You are not scared of anything!
Sure, you are cautious, but you don't let fear lead the show. You live your life the way you WANT, without over-thinking and restricting yourself.
You still act responsibly and make sure no one gets hurt because of your actions - and that fearless-responsible way of living is just perfect!

Your fear often gets the best of you!

Your fear often gets the best of you!

Although you do try to leave your fears behind, you don't always succeed.
Scary thoughts come to all of us, and while some of us can't let them go back the way they come - you usually can.
You tend to judge every situation in a rational way, without thinking too much on the risks involve.

Your fear CAN control you!

Your fear CAN control you!

You probably already know it, but you let fear lead your life!

We know it can be very scary sometimes, but you have got to try and open up your mind to some more positive and relaxing thoughts. Sure, some bad things will happen to you from time to time, but that's just the way it is.
You shouldn't neglect your life and your wishes because you are scared of some negative outcomes. So go on and leave all these scary thoughts behind you!