7 Tips For Hiring A Great Video Production Company

James Jones
Created by James Jones
On May 31, 2019
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7 Tips For Hiring A Great Video Production Company

In today’s age of multi and social media, most companies are trying to extend their brand awareness, this can be accomplished through multiple means. Online content is a means of drawing large amounts of viewers to a company’s website or social media platforms; it essentially is the path to the internet’s promise land. There are many means that companies can employ to increase online traffic and the particular type of content we will talk about in this blog is produced through video production services.

Since it is far easier to get your point across through visual means, many companies have turned to video as a means of spreading their brand and their services to as many people as possible, which increase the online traffic flow to their platforms. The services provided by a video production team will be the subject of this blog. If you are interested in spreading your company’s brand through visual means and you wish to know how you can choose a video production team that is best for you, then continue reading for this blog will touch upon these different items.

First, it should be explained what exactly is video production. This is an art form that takes a concept and makes it come about visually, in this case, a video camera, a videographer and a subject that shows the essence of your business. The video team has many things in mind when making your content, which we will get into later on in the blog, but it has to fully grasp your audience so that they return for more. This part will also be explained later on in the blog. But first, you must hire a video production team; the following is how you can choose one that best suits you.

1.Know The Contract Workers

Though some video production companies have their own team that they continuously work with, such as, photographer and cameramen/women of their choice, not all of them do. Video production companies hire contract personnel as a means of saving money by not having to hire them fulltime and pay certain benefits. Hiring this sort of company can have a negative effect on the final productions you are trying to post if you are not well acquainted with the contract employee’s style.

The recurring theme of this blog will accentuate your instinctual feeling on a particular company; you have to like their style of production and it has to suit the essence of your company. If you are considering hiring a company who employs contract employees, then it is best to ask for their portfolio to see if you like their style of production.  

2.Being Open With The Company You Hire

You have to be open with the company you hire because you are putting your company’s future in their hands; you have to be comfortable in opening up and expressing what you want from them. You should explain to them where the videos they are producing will be uploaded; for the most part, if you are posting a video on Youtube or your company’s website, they have to be around two minutes. If you are posting them social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram, the videos should ideally be 15 seconds or less.   

3.The Company’s Demo Reels

Demo Reels are short, edited video features that showcase the artist’s previous work, and observing these features is a good way to see the production company’s ability with their craft, but you should not solely rely on these as a means of choosing a company for you. If you really want to see the essence of a company’s video production services you should observe their most recent productions because you will see the current stride they are currently in; from here you can decide whether or not they are the right fit for the projects you are trying to conceive.

4.Your Budget

Though this is something that you should strongly consider, it should not impede you from choosing a production company that will help you capitalize in the future because of their service. When you book a shoot with a company, you retain the rights to all of the footage that is captured, and you should use as much of it to your advantage as possible. If you are clever enough, you can transform one shoot into multiple pieces that can be mounted on multiple platforms. Using this strategy, you can fully capitalize on your investment into the video production company, and it can increase the traffic flow and potential customers to your company’s website.   

5.Shop Around

When shopping for video production services, it is best to go to multiple locations to get more than one statement on prices as well as the overall service they can provide you. When shopping around, you can see the entire realm of video production companies that are available to you and what they can provide; doing this you may come across a company that specializes in producing videos for businesses like yours or you may really like their style.

6.You Should Be Involved In The Production

Besides investing money, you should also invest time into the manifestation of your vision along with the production team. Though you will not be fully involved with the video shooting, you can still be vociferous in what you want with the editing team; these will know how to properly shoot your content. It is with the editing team that you should be clear with what you want the final product to look like because, with their expertise, they will make this vision come about to your satisfaction.     

7.A Long Term Partnership

If you are happy with the final result with what the company has shown you, why not hire them again for your next project? By doing this, you know what you are getting out of them and what to expect on a day of shooting, which can make the rapport better and more successful; and you might get a returning-customer-discount!
Increasing your business should not be a difficult task to perform. Especially, in today’s internet era, everyone is trying to increase the traffic flow to their site to attract potential customers. By employing video production services you can produce content that most people look for; most internet users wish to find information and have that information explained in the easiest manner possible. Videos do this for online users; if done right, you will see progress in your online traffic flow.