Can You Pass An AP English Class?

Move past grammar and spelling into reading comprehension! Do you have an advanced placement student's knowledge of the English language?

Jack ONeil
Created By Jack ONeil
On Jan 12, 2017

Sentence structure and word order is referred to as:

Scar from "The Lion King", Darth Vader from "Star Wars", and Sauron from "Lord of the Rings" would all be considered:

The implied meaning of a word, in contrast to its directly expressed "dictionary meaning", is:

Choice of words is referred to as:

Which of the following contains an example of an epithet?

Read the following and identify the onomatopoeia:

"Of course, she had no idea what the reoccurring sound was. It seemed, to her, like sparse thunder far off in the distance. Yet the booming was too mechanical - too purposeful to be of nature." (JDB)

A set of similarly structured words, phrases, or clauses that appears in a sentence or paragraph:

Ex: "A good man, gray on the edges, an assistant manager in a brown starched and ironed uniform, is washing the glass windows of the store...Good night, m'ijo! he tells a young boy coming out after playing the video game..." (Dagoberto Gilb) - This is an example of a(n):

A sentence with two or more independent clauses is a:

Read the following and identify the allusion:

"Despite numerous colleagues justifying his work, Dr. Serizawa could not shake the feeling that he had willingly opened Pandora's Box. The illustrious E.K.R. constantly breathing down his neck didn't help, either."

The message conveyed by a literary work is its:

Read the following and identify the euphemism:

"Jerald was unhinged - his vision clouded by an immense fog of frustration. To simply say his father had 'passed away' was an insult to his memory."

BONUS: What is a zeugma?

You Just Might Pass!

You Just Might Pass!

Judging by your results on this mock-exam, you may have missed a few more than you got right, but not many. The great thing about an education, however, is that it's never-ending! It looks like you just need to study a few terms or brush up on your syntax, diction, and reading comprehension rhetoric (and vocabulary) and you'd be able to pass an advanced placement English class.

You Passed! Nicely Done!

You Passed! Nicely Done!

Did you find this mock-exam difficult, or was it not so bad? Either way, you may not have absolutely aced it - but you certainly passed with a solid grade! Judging by your results, you may have missed a few of the tougher questions but your foundation of knowledge when it comes to syntax, diction, rhetoric, and reading comprehension (etc.) is solid. Either way, you've got a leg up on most when it comes to the English language, and that's not something to take for granted! Well done!

You Have Mastered the English Language!

You Have Mastered the English Language!

You either aced this mock-exam or got a lot more right than you did wrong, either way - Color us impressed! Your knowledge of the English language extends beyond a solid foundation of grammar and spelling, and into a finer understanding of syntax, diction, and rhetoric. Reading comprehension is also something you're skilled with, something most who are take for granted. Try to keep those grammar-based pet peeves in check whilst sharing your vast knowledge with the rest of the world!