What Your Eye Color Says About You Will Blow Your Mind

Find your unique shade. There's more than just blue, brown and green!

Jack Jersey
Created by Jack Jersey
On Apr 23, 2017


You are sensitive, gentle and kind. You have a sweet disposition and a grace that radiates from within. People turn to you when they need someone to soften the sharpness of the world.


Dark blue or denim blue

You are logical, earnest and hard-working. Your tireless work ethic will take you far. You know how to fun-lots of it-but you take care of business first.


Ice Blue

You are attractive and charming, but also passionate and opinionated. You aren't afraid to speak your mind, no matter what. You are the first one to jump into a debate, and the last one to back down.



You are adorable, adventurous and capricious. You change your mind on a whim and can change direction on a dime, but when you really want something you go after it with gusto.



You are warm, trusting and trustworthy. You see the good in people and situations. Your optimism occasionally gets you into trouble, but it also keeps your conscience clean and heart open.



You are complex, intelligent and introspective. You have a lot on your mind all of the time. Your brain can go from zero to 60 in no time flat. Other people find you absolutely fascinating.



You are stylish, attractive and magnetic. You have an inner light that you can't help but shine on those around you. You tend to be a bit of a flirt, but in a lighthearted way!


Golden Green

You are fun, funny and sassy, but you have a brooding side as well. It's almost like you're two people. One who is always laughing and making jokes, and one who worries about the world's problems.


Light denim blue

You are sweet, smart and loyal. You are shy and reserved when people first meet you, but when you warm up, you're outgoing and fun to be around.


Amber or orange brown

You are loving, witty and creative. You have a real talent for humor and making up stories out of nothing, and telling jokes. You could go far in a career in the arts.


Chestnut or golden brown

You are attractive, empathetic and patient. You have a knack for making people feel better just by listening to their problems. You make friends easily. People are drawn to you.



You are cool, confident and generous. You have a high opinion of yourself, but you never bring others down. You don't have a ton of friendships but the ones you have tend to be fiercely loyal.


Dark brown

You are hard-working, practical and intelligent, but you have a silly side, too. You are the type of person that everyone wants to be around and get to know better. You are the life of every party.



You are stylish, cool and fun to be around. You have an understated charm that makes everyone want to be where you are. Your conversational skills are legendary.


Blue green

You are energetic, organized and thoughtful. You have a head for business. Your co-workers trust your opinion, and you are an asset to any company. You stay busy even on your days off.


Gray green

You are attractive, artistic and complex. You have a knack for design, art and music. People who are close to you have a hard time keeping themselves from falling head over heels in love!



You are friendly, practical and dependable. Your eyes might change color with your mood, but you are someone people can really count on when the going gets tough.

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