Hydarfacial Treatments in Richmond Hill

Today, medical spas are using hydrafacial treatments all over the world to treat congested pores, fine lines, acne, wrinkles and hyper-pigmentation. We are pleased to answer answered some frequently asked questions about this popular, effective facial treatment…

1- Can Hydrafacial Cause Breakouts?
You may have experienced breakouts on your face after getting a facial because it’s a common side effect of most facials. However, hydrafacial does not cause breakouts.

2- Can I Get a Hydrafacial During Pregnancy?
Due to the intensity of the ingredients used in facials, doctors typically recommend avoiding such treatments during pregnancy. However, hydrafacial is a procedure that can be modified to meet your personal skincare needs. In fact, a lot of pregnant women enjoy hydrafacial because they love the way it makes their skin glow.

3- Can I Get Hydrafacial After Botox?
There are patients who schedule hydrafacial and Botox treatments on the same day. In such a case, hydrafacial should be completed before a Botox treatment. However, if you have received Botox treatment first, it is best to wait one to two weeks before a hydrafacial treatment…

4- Can I Perform Hydrafacial at Home?
While it is possible to administer hydrafacial at home, we recommended receiving treatments from a professional with sufficient experience in this area. It’s safer (and more relaxing) to visit a medi spa for hydrafacial than to have one at home. With an experienced person performing the procedure, you are likely to achieve the best results.

5- How Many Hydrafacials Are Required for Visible Results?
You can see visible results after just one hydrafacial treatment. However, the effects diminish gradually, and typically do not last longer than a month. To maintain the effects of hydrafacial, it is recommended to get the treatment done one to two times per month..
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