Popular Butterfly Jewelry for the Cool Girl

Fluttery Styles to Make Your Heart Sing

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Butterfly jewelry has been around for a long time now; and for the most part of their existence, they have managed to transcend styles that usually trend. No matter what you may think, butterfly jewelry, majorly butterfly necklaces and butterfly earrings are here to stay. They have greatly evolved since their advent and there is nothing to suggest that they would go out of trend anytime soon. If you’re looking to up your fashion game with some butterfly necklaces and earrings, here are some of Chvker's Jewelry top picks.

Sterling Silver Butterfly necklace
This stunning handcrafted piece is indeed a sight to behold. It comes in white gold-plated 925 sterling silver and it has a delicate and feminine accent to it. The finishing is crisp and you can rest assured you’ll enjoy this butterfly necklace for a long while before it loses its shine. The pendant comes crafted with Swarvoski crystals that do a good job of flattering your neckline and flaunt your sense of style. Whether you’re buying this piece for yourself or someone special, it’s a decision you won’t regret. To top it all off, it’s about the best quality piece you can get at its price.

Betsey Johnson’s Butterfly Necklace
This thin gold-plated butterfly necklace promises to add some glam to your outfit. Betsy Johnson’s is a collar necklace that features a large stone alongside a pearl accented butterfly. To make it even more beautiful, two other small but equally detailed butterflies flank the detailed butterfly at the center of the piece. If you’re going out in a colorful outfit, this butterfly necklace is the perfect jewelry for you. Although it’s a tad pricier than some of the other options on this list, it sure looks like it’s worth every penny.

XZP butterfly chandelier earrings
The silver-toned butterfly earrings draws inspiration from chandelier jewelries and it features a fishhook backing that makes it easy to put on or off. Like other chandelier earrings, this piece is glamorous and doesn’t have to beg to be noticed. While it may not be very suitable for everyday work, it’s the perfect piece of dinners and special occasions. Remember to tone down on your necklace whenever you’re putting on this piece or any other chandelier earring at that.

Bonsny Drop Dangle Flora Butterfly earrings
The design is hugely inspired by nature and it features earrings that are shaped and colored like an actual butterfly. Both sides of the earring are brightly patterned and the manufacturer assures of their ultra-durable quality. Even though these floral butterfly earrings look big, it’s lightweight and it promises to be a good addition to your wardrobe.  

At Chvker Jewelry, we believe you should always step out with flawless accessories. But you do not have to break the bank to get them. You can always check out our store for high-quality, affordable jewelry items that would keep you atop your slay game. 

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