Guide To Change Your Printer’s Ink Cartridge

liza symonds
Created by liza symonds
On Feb 4, 2019
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Guide To Change Your Printer’s Ink Cartridge

Have you ever got stuck in a situation where an urgent paper needs to be printed and the printer has ran out of ink? This problem can hit you anytime and relying on your technician to refill the ink cartridge can pay heavy in case of urgent documents. So, here the guide to change the low ink cartridge on your own. Follow the below steps to change your Hasler postage meter ink cartridge

Step 1: First of all press Menu.

Step 2: After you have pressed on menu , press review will appear on the screen. Keep pressing down until the message saying ”Use ink functions” appears. After that press the yes option to allow the system to check the ink requirements.

Step 3: While you are checking into the ink details, search for Press Review. Once found look for the message ”Replace ink cartridge” and press yes. 

Step 4: After you are ready to replace press the unlock icon on top of the ink cartridge latch.

If you find difficult to replace or take out, use the back of your pen or the to firmly press down on the lock and open it. 

Step 5: The real job starts now. Tilt the old cartridge forward and lift it out to remove the old cartridge. Remove the old cartridge which has low ink. 

Step 6: Now, remove the new cartridge from its package and pull off the protective tape to unwrap it. Tilt the new cartridge forward and insert it to the print head. Upright position of the cartridge is the best way to place.

Step 7: After you have successfully placed the new cartridge, press down on the ink cartridge latch carefully until it is locked into place properly. Close the Hasler postage meter ink cartridge cover and again press enter to confirm the replacement. 

Step 8: After all this you will see a print head initialization process which last for around two to three minutes. When it gets over, insert an envelope or a sheet to test the quality of the print. If you find that

  • The test print is good, press Enter.
  • The test print is poor, press No. 

Pressing no will activate the meter to clean the printer nozzles and will initiate another test pattern. If the above guidelines does not help you then seek professional help. 

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