Dolphin Watching Trips-A Major Tourist Attraction of Vilamoura

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On Aug 23, 2019
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Dolphin Watching Trips-A Major Tourist Attraction of Vilamoura

Once considered as a humble and sleepy harbor town, Vilamoura has traveled quite a distance, in being termed as one of the hottest tourist spots of Portugal. The beach resort was founded by Portuguese banker named Cupertino de Miranda in the year 1966. Vilamoura resort now boasts of scenic coastline and golden sand beaches, apart from several tourist attractions including water sporting and marina activities.

Although, most tourists travel to Vilamoura for relaxation and rejuvenating themselves, there are water sports lovers, who indulge water sports for their quota of adrenaline rush. One of the most popular attractions of Vilamoura beach resort is, dolphin watching.

Irrespective of kids, adults or senior citizens, dolphin watching activity is enjoyed by each and every age group of people. Dolphin watching trip which lasts for around 90 minutes is priced at $25 for kids and $40 for adults. The cruise captains, who are amongst the friendliest people, make the dolphin watching Vilamoura a memorable experience for the travelers.

Undertaking Dolphin trips in Vilamoura is one of the most ideal options to watch the marine animal in its bold, wild and carefree appearance, as they swim across the crystal clear blue waters. Vilamoura is famed for presence of wild dolphins and transient dolphins that are out seeking food, shelter and breeding place. Bottlenose dolphins, Rissos and common dolphins are some of the marine species which can be sighted by the people taking the dolphin cruise trips.

Traveling in low and eco-friendly rigid inflatable boat named “Dizzy Dolphin”, tourists find themselves close enough, to touch and feel the dolphins, which makes for a memorable and pleasant experience. Next, there are specially designed vessels, which can accommodate 12 passengers on board. These vessels are ideally suited for families or people traveling in groups. Apart from sighting friendly bottlenose dolphins and common dolphins, there are chances that, one could get to see orca-killer whales, on their lucky day.

Dolphin watching Albufeira trips are undertaken in most eco-friendly manner, with the captains and guides assuring that, the beautiful marine creatures are no way disturbed out of their natural habitat. There is several code of conduct and guidelines laid down, which are to be followed by the tourists, on board.

Apart from dolphin watching activity, Vilamoura has range of water sporting activities on offer, like kayaking, jet skiing, parasailing, and so on. For those, who are looking out for some relaxation and peace, there is always an option of soaking in the sun, while lying down on the beautiful sands of Vilamoura beaches.

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