Tips to Buy Gemstones and Crystals

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On May 21, 2019
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Tips to Buy Gemstones and Crystals

People buy gemstones and crystals both for aesthetic purposes and practical benefits in terms of health and fortune. More than the Western countries, the countries of the Eastern region are popular for the production of the high quality of such gemstones and crystals in large amount. These countries are also popular for making products with these gemstones and crystals like Agate Pebble Stones, arrowhead pendants, and Polished Tumbled Stones etc. so that people can wear these stones easily all the time. Moreover, these pendants or necklaces look beautiful as well. To get the best result of these gemstones and crystals, you need to buy the authentic products and you must certain steps so that you are not fooled with fake products.

·Know the right Process of Valuing the Gemstones and Crystals:-You need to learn the basics first about a gemstone or a crystal before buying it and keep in mind certain things like- colour, carat, clarity and cut. You can learn all these from online courses on Gemmology. A good quality gemstone will have pure, deep and intense colour and perfect saturation. Flawless gemstones are almost impossible to find, so those with little or medium imperfections are considered to be good gemstones. Also, you must remember that even if two different gemstones vary in terms of sizes, their weight may be same. Also, consider the rarity of the stones which determines the value of the stones. So, if you are buying Orgone Products From India or geometry sets, verify these factors of each and every stone.

·Avoid the Tricks of the trade:-There are mainly two deceptive practices common amongst the traders of gemstones and crystals- first, they treat and enhance the original products and secondly, they use glass or synthetic gems as the substitutes of naturally mined stones. For the first case, they treat the stones in a manner that they become hundred times more appealing. Do not be fooled with those bright colours and perfect cuts, be aware while buying the Wholesale Gemstone Beads or any other Gemstone Pendants For Sale and put the products under magnification for the detection of any such treatment. For the second case, synthetic gemstones are not fake but they are created in the laboratories with the same property. If the gemstone loos too pure and perfect it can be synthetic.

·Fake Gemstones and crystals:-There is a difference between fake gemstones and the synthetic gemstones. The latter have the exact properties which the stones should have but the former are not even stones and have an appearance like fibres, an unusual opacity and also colour concentration. They are mostly used while making products containing gemstones like Wholesale Pendulums, Wholesale Chakra Set.

Only authentic stones and crystal will give you the benefits you want, otherwise fake products may also give you negative results. So before purchasing the gemstones, crystals, put them under magnification and ask the trader questions regarding the clarity, about its treatment, about its colour, its clarity and the weight.