A Walk Through The Woods. Which Season Represents Your Life's Journey?

This journey through the woods will shed light on your approach to life and how you'll face it's greatest adventures. Good luck!

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Your journey is about to begin. You approach a forest, what does it look like?

You decide to enter the forest. As you walk further in, you discover a path. What does it look like?

You start down your path. After a while you come across a key on the ground. What does it look like?

What do you do with the key?

You start back along the path again. Eventually you come across a body of water. What does it look like?

Time to get across! How do you do it?

You continue on the other side along your path. Eventually you come across a building. What does it look like?

Do you enter the building?

Let's say you entered. What do you see?

After exploring a while you decide to be on your way. You make your way back through the forest via the path and eventually find yourself in front of a wall. What does it look like?



You are a Spring type!

"spring returned today and I smiled and was content
secure in my knowledge of its enduring loyalty"

You are curious and full of energy and optimism. People love to be around you because you are kind, friendly and empathetic. You face social situations with wit and riveting conversation. Be careful though, taking on too many responsibilities can be overwhelming, aim to become more decisive and always plan ahead.



You are a Summer type!

"We lounge with him in fields and meadows,
and miss him as Fall nudges him deep in the shadows."

You are a gentle person who's easygoing, cheerful and dependable. A joy to work with, you're practical, efficient and tidy. As a peace-maker at heart you are a natural mediator and a great example to your peers. Be careful though, that stubborn side of yours could cause problems.. Try to accept new ideas with an open mind in the future, and don't let people walk all over you!



You're a Fall Type!

"The perfumes autumn wears are chilly but sweet.
The freshness of her makes me catch my breath
as she tries to sweep me off my feet."

You are very confident and decisive. You will thrive in any career that allows you to lead people and take initiative. You always get the job done. Any causes you care about you are endlessly true to and your self discipline is admired by your peers. Be careful though, your stubborn side can at times be disagreeable to those around you. Try not to take over, let others speak up!



You're a Winter type!

"Icy pebbles scattered in all directions
Spray like mist climbed the snow dunes
As an eerie chill settled upon the land"

You have natural grace and poise. You may come across mysterious to others but deep down you are very loyal and sensitive. You make a wonderful friend because you are faithful and honest and those close to you can trust you implicitly. You put others before yourself and would have great success in a people oriented career. Be careful though, your pessimism can set you back from life goals and ambitions. As an idealist you can expect too much of others. Remember, nobody's perfect!

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