You were way too young to get those SpongeBob dirty jokes

Watching SpongeBob as kids, we could never imagine all those dirty moments that were hiding right under our noses. Going back to this masterpiece a few years later discovers why our parents were so eager to watch it with us

When SpongeBob's nose popped up from the ground

We are not sure which one of SpongeBob's organs popped up right in front of the Krusty Krab while the whole town was looking, but let's hope that it was his nose. When asked what was going on, SpongeBob simply replied: "Squiward said I can help by burying myself". Makes sense.

Squidward is discovering the leaf blower

There's something dirty even about the name of this episode, "The Reef Blower", but this frame made us wonder whether SpongeBob should be moved to the adult-only watching time.

SpongeBob is coming out of the closet

SpongeBob's house party was definitely the best place to chill at. What made it even better was the unexpected coming out of SpongeBob after checking his guests' coats into his closet (well, maybe it was a bit expected after all?).

SpongeBob is watching the underwater adult-only channel

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We have no idea what is so inappropriate about this creepy sea anemone, but there is no doubt that SpongeBob was super embarrassed when he was getting caught watching it.

SpongeBob being "insertive"

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We felt so bad for the fish that had to sit on SpongeBob's laps while he was practicing "insertiveness", but then we remembered that it's just a cartoon. Anyway, Mr. Plankton, please make sure that you speak clearer from now on.

Don't drop the soap, Gary!

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We get that Gary is a snail whose scared he taking a shower. Legit. But why did SpongeBob have to warn him not to drop the soap? And why did he wink while saying that?

SpongeBob, Patrick and Mr. Krab go on a panty raid

Everyone had this awkward moment when they went panty-raiding and accidentally stole their mom's underpants, right???


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It could be interesting to watch Mrs. Puff's reaction if she knew the dark meaning of SpongeBob's innocent greeting - too bad that a giant UFO hit her the following moment.

Who can find the coin slot?

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Finding a new kiddie ride next to the Krusty Krab is probably one of the most exciting things that can happen in Bikini Bottom, but what if it comes out as nothing more than an innocent seahorse? We can only imagine which slot this poor fish tried to insert the coin to...

Balloons or condoms?

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We can think of many original ways to create an artwork that will look like Squidward. Blowing condoms is not one of them.

Ever noticed SpongeBob's dirty jokes before?

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