Are You An Ads Guru? The Ultimate Super Bowl Commercial Quiz

In honor of 50 years of Super Bowl commercials, we’re testing who’s been paying attention. You may not have paid $5 mil for an ad spot, but you can gain your 30 seconds of glory with our ultimate Super Bowl commercial quiz. Test your Super Bowl ad knowledge (and then challenge your friends!) Want More?

Created By SB2016
On Mar 29, 2017
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Slim Shady or Slim Wallet? Eminem starred in the most expensive Super Bowl commercial of all time. Which company dished out $12.4 mil for that ad?

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Hyped for Halftime? Who shelled out more than $7mil to sponsor the Super Bowl 50 halftime show?

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Which hashtag does Bud Light use to try and lure unsuspecting young guys into a wild and crazy night?

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Who got to play this guy’s agent in a Super Bowl ad last year?

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Which two lazy advertisers made their fans create their Super Bowl 50 commercials?

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Bring out your inner child! Which advertiser has announced that their Super Bowl 50 commercial will be animated?

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Which two NBA Superstars battled in the famous 1993 McDonald’s “Showdown” commercial?

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Which model had to kiss this guy in a 2013 Super Bowl ad?

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I see dead people! Which company put a damper on our evening with this jaw-dropping ad about childhood death?

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Which former NFL player didn’t get to start their own business in Wix’s 2015 Super Bowl commercial?

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Move over Doritos! Which healthy food will we be encouraged to consume during an ad in Super Bowl 50?

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Who fumbled the words of the Star Spangled Banner in 2011?

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The term “Where’s the beef” comes from a 1984 ad for…

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Who revealed Janet Jackson’s boob in the famous Nipplegate halftime blunder?

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Which brand took advantage of the 2013 Super Bowl blackout with a Tweet that quickly went viral?

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Which brand used fanny packs to push their product in a 2015 Super Bowl ad?

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Can you spot a virgin? Which brand IS NOT a rookie advertiser in Super Bowl 50?

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Like Boobs? They didn’t… Who was banned from bringing these juicy buns from Super Bowl XLIX?

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What was the tagline of this fan-favorite commercial with Danny Trejo?

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According to Budweiser, a dog’s best friend is…

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Double Trouble: Which company is advertising only one of their products in Super Bowl 50?

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Who directed this classic 1984 Apple Computer ad?

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Whose 2011 Super Bowl ad was a throwback to Star Wars?

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