Would God Even Friend You?

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Do you plan to watch God Friended Me?

In God Friended Me, God speaks through friend requests. OK, and he messes with Miles a bit but turning up his music and messing with his computer.

But, would God do those things to you?

How active are you on social media?I am on there all 👏 the 👏time 👏.I use it a bit, but not too much.I barely ever check social media.Be honest: Do you want God to friend you?Of course! Who wouldn't?Um, for real... not really.If you have or had a podcast, what would it be about?My existential crisis.Current events.How hard it is to date in New York.Do you talk to strangers when you're on the subway?Sure, if I have a reason to.Maybe if I'm bored?No way.What if God was one of us? God would definitely be on Facebook.God wouldn't waste time on social media like us.Which of these TV shows do you enjoy the most?House Touched by an Angel The Big Bang Theory Supernatural

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How active are you on social media?