The Roseanne Reboot Is Here! See the Stars Then and Now

The sitcom is returning for a nine-episode new season on ABC.

The Roseanne reboot is finally here!

Three decades after the first series hit the airwaves, the hilarious Conner family is returning to ABC for nine new episodes.

(Spoilers!) Dan is alive. He and Roseanne voted for Trump. Darlene and Becky are both broke. Plus, there is a new crop of kids.

Oh, and the show is still hilarious.

Before you tune in for the iconic show's reboot, take a look at what your favorite characters look like then and now.

Click to flip and see the cast now.

As you can see, there are new characters we'll be introduced to in the reboot series.

Here is series star Roseanne Barr on 1989's Halloween episode. Click the pic to see her now.

She's now a grandmother in the tenth season, but she's still just as feisty.

Where would Roseanne be without her loving hubby, Dan?

Click to see Dan Conner (John Goodman) in 2018.

The married duo looks just as happy together now as they did back in the late '80s.

Want to see the couple reunited? Click the pic to flip.

Roseanne and Dan are joined once again by Roseanne's little sister, Jackie, who's now an ex-cop in the reboot series. She also bumps heads with the Conner couple, because they disagree over national politics.

Click the pic to see Jackie (Laurie Metcalf) now.

Fans will remember that Roseanne and Dan's oldest daughter, Becky, was played by two different actresses.

The reboot has found a way to bring both of them back—in separate roles.

Click the pic to see the original Becky (Lecy Goranson) now.

Goranson is back in the role of Becky in the reboot series. Scrubs alum Sarah Chalke, who played the second Becky, is now in a new role.

She is Andrea, a married woman who's considering hiring Becky (Goranson) as a surrogate. 

Click the pic to see actress Sarah Chalke in her new role.

Yes, this is a world where both Beckys can co-exist.

Adam Rose/ABC

Sara Gilbert, who appears as the Conners' second eldest daughter, Darlene, also serves as the executive producer on the sitcom reboot.

Click the photo below to see Darlene in 2018.

The first son of the Conner household, D.J., returns in the reboot, and is now married and has an 8-year-old daughter. You won't even recognize this adorable child actor all grown up.

Click the pic to see D.J. Conner (Michael Fishman) all grown up.

Well, we feel old now.

Johnny Galecki, now the star of CBS' The Big Bang Theory, will also put in an appearance in one episode of the reboot. You'll remember him as Darlene's former flame David Healey.

Click the pic to see Galecki back as David Healey.

Are you excited to see Roseanne back in action?

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