How to Watch Jane the Virgin: What Channel, What Time and Which Streaming Services

Should you check The CW or Netflix? Here's where you can catch the new season of Jane the Virgin.

When is Jane the Virgin back?

New episodes start March 27!

And they'll air on Wednesdays at 9/8c on The CW.

What channel does Jane the Virgin come on?

Jane the Virgin airs on The CW network, along with awesome shows like Riverdale, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and iZombie.

Don't have cable? No sweat.

It's 2019: Everything has an app.


You can download The CW app on your Apple TV and once the new season premieres, you can catch new episodes the night the episode aired on broadcast television.

Don't have an Apple TV? No problem.

You can download The CW app on your smartphone as well.

You can also catch new episodes on The CW's website. Here's the thing about the app and the website: they only keep 5 episodes up at a time, so you have to watch them while they're hot. The episodes will also be broken up by ads, but it's totally worth it. Because, after all...

You cannot miss the final season.

What's even happening on Jane the Virgin?

If you're stressed about remembering what the heck is happening on Jane the Virgin, it's all good.

You can totally binge the first four seasons before Season 5 premieres. Where?

Netflix to the rescue.

Netflix has the first four seasons of Jane the Virgin for your viewing pleasure, which means you can relive all that drama as many times as you want.

The best part about Netflix?

No commercials.

You can marathon to your heart's content and remember all of the good times from the first four seasons. You know, like love triangles and breakups and makeups and all that good stuff.

Now you're all set!