Which #LipKitbyKylie Are You?

Take this quiz to see which #LipKitbyKylie you should wear!

Holly Flowers
Created By Holly Flowers
On Sep 19, 2017

What Is Your Style Most Like?

What Are Your Favorite Color Shades?

What Game App Would You Be Most Likely Playing?

Where Would You Rather Be On A Night Out?

Pick A Male Singer

What Social Media Are You Most Active On?

Introvert or Extrovert

Pick A Kylie

Candy K

Candy K

You're Candy K!
You're sweet, fun and a great person to be around!
You love trying out different, cute and colorful fashion ideas.
Candy K is the one for you!

Dolce K

Dolce K

You're Dolce K!
You're a calm and loving person that enjoys being comfortable but also having a good time.
You like dressing simple yet still look trendy.
Dolce K is the one for you!

True Brown K

True Brown K

You're True Brown K!
You're confident, strong and a great person!
You love daring with fashion and trying on anything that's fancy and stylish.
True Brown K is the one for you!