Can you afford the risk?

Life is all about fun and fund. However, life is also full of uncertainty. Do you have enough to cover the risk?

HLA Reaching Out to You
On Nov 1, 2016

I have sufficient education funds for my children to study a four years degree in university.
(It costs an estimated RM40K to attain a degree in a local university and an estimated RM200K for a degree in a foreign university. )

After I retire, I can live without depending on anybody

I want to travel with my loved one after retirement.

I always have RM100k with me as emergency fund. In the event of being diagnosed with critical illness or meeting with an accident, I will bear the cost without affecting my family.

If I pass away now, my family can still continue living without worries and maintain the same lifestyle.

I already have sufficient funds to cancel my debt if I am gone suddenly. The debt won’t trouble any of my loved ones.

I believe I can leave a legacy to my loved ones instead of debts even if I pass away suddenly.



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