17 Kind Things You Can Do Right Now For World Kindness Day

All you need is to care ❤️

Heather Neill
Created By Heather Neill
On Nov 13, 2017
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November 13th is World Kindness Day. Celebrate with these 17 simple acts, to spread to love!


Compliment an acquaintance!

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Do you see someone wearing killer shoes, rocking a sweet bag, or racking up a high score on Candy Crush? Drop them a compliment, and watch how their face lights up!


Say hello to your neighbors!

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Your neighbors are always around, but you're always busy rushing from work, to school, to family commitments, and back again. On your way home, if you pass a neighbor, say hello! It'll brighten their day and make your community tighter.


Buy a friend a cup of coffee!

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When you're at the coffee shop, pay for your friend's coffee. Watch their face light up when they realize you've already covered the bill! Ask them to pay it forward to keep the cycle going!


Write a letter!

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If you haven't seen a relative or faraway friend for quite some time, sit down and write them some old-fashioned snail mail. Jazz it up with colored pencils, markers, and stickers! They'll be delighted to receive some handcrafted kindness in the mail.


Donate to a GoFundMe or charity!

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Is a friend facing some unexpected financial challenges? Wanting to give to disaster relief? You can do so on GoFundMe or other fundraising websites! Most let you give as little as $1, and every dollar counts. You can help without breaking your own bank, which is a win-win!


Call your loved ones, and tell them you love them!

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Skip texting today, and actually use your phone for its original purpose: calling. Call your mom, call your dad, call your friend, call someone close to you and let them know how much they're loved. It'll make their whole day!


Make some introductions!

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Do you have two friends you know would get along amazingly well? Or do you know about a job another friend might want? Set someone up with an introduction today, because it might change their whole life for the better, in just the span of a few minutes and some of your lovely words!


Say "thank you"!

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Saying "thank you" to people, whether it's for a good customer service interaction, a compliment, or letting them know you appreciate something they did, is one of the easiest ways to give back to others and spread kindness. Try it!


Make a clothing donation!

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Your castoff clothing could be a treasure to someone else! Whether you've got bags of clothes to donate, or just a few shirts, drop them off at your local Salvation Army or Goodwill store, or a local shelter. Lots of people can get use out of your too-small sweaters or winter coats!


Bring donuts to work!

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Donuts just make everything better. Be the hero at work today, and bring a box of deliciously doughy treats for the whole team. Bonus points if you bring a box of coffee to go with it! It's the best way to perk up the entire team, take a break, and chat with your co-workers!


Find the positive in everything!

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Seriously, there's a good sign to every single thing. Did you get caught in the rain without an umbrella? That means when you get home, it'll feel even more extra-cozy and special to get into your pajamas and slippers! Did a friend have a tough day at work? Remind them of how they shined in that presentation. Find that silver lining!


Hold the door for someone!

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If you see someone struggling with groceries, or with a cane/walker, take care to make sure they get through doors okay. They'll be grateful for the additional hands, and it only takes a minute or so out of your day. Being able-bodied is a gift we should give to others!


Be friendly on public transportation!

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If you see someone who's pregnant or elderly, offer your seat. Don't just keep your nose in your phone and your earbuds in. Notice the passengers around you, and make an effort to make sure those who need seats, get them.


Do you drive? Be super conscientious of people merging or switching lanes!

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Driving can be really stressful, and sometimes it's more tempting to drive offensively rather than defensively. Try taking your time and being conscious and conscientious of what's happening around you. If you see someone trying to merge or switch lanes, make room for them. Flicker your lights if someone should switch on their low beams. We can all make the road a nicer place!


Be sincerely happy for others!

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If someone calls or tells you some good news, act super enthusiastic to hear what they have to say! It's such an easy, wonderful form of validation for others' lives, and the good things happening in them. You'll make the other person feel even better, too, which is a great bonus. And see how they react the next time you call them with their good news!


Give up on an old grudge!

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Part of kindness is actually practicing self-kindness. You can't give to others without first taking care of yourself. Have an old grudge or disappointment weighing you down? Why not try letting it go? You'll feel so much freer, you might even feel like a brand new person!


Keep it going!

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Today might be World Kindness Day, but these tips can be practiced any day of the year. Keep doing your best to implement kindnesses both big and small in your life and of those around you, and watch the love, happiness, and success just grow from there!

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