Take Emma and Jamie's Big London Quiz

Heart London listeners have been testing their knowledge of our great city on Heart Breakfast with Emma and Jamie - now it's your turn.

Created by Hearteditorial
On Mar 23, 2018
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How many times have the Olympic Games come to London?

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What kind of mammal famously swam up the River Thames into central London in 2006?

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Which famous literary detective lived at 221B Baker Street, London?

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Which area of London is the site of the Olympic Stadium?

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What type of sandwiches does Paddington Bear like?

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How many Olympic Gold Medals did Mo Farah win in London in 2012?

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What colour is the Bakerloo line on the Tube map?

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Which tourist spot in London is known for its large electronic advertising boards?

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The Trafalgar Square Christmas tree is gifted each year by which country?

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In Cockney Rhyming Slang what does ‘Mince Pies’ mean?

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