What Season Is Your Personality?

See what your favorite season says about you!

Created By Greta
On Oct 23, 2018

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If you were a season you would be Summer! You are bright and cheerful and are rarely in a bad mood! You are adventurous and love spending time with friends. You are all about having fun and you most likely love to travel.



You are Autumn! You love the cozy clothes, warm drinks, and the crisp autumn leaves. You are intellectual and enjoy a good book. You also have a creative side and the beautiful fall scenery serves as inspiration for you.



You are winter but you are anything but cold! Quite the opposite! You love to be surrounded by family (even if they are crazy), and always look forward to the holiday season. You are a warm person who probably loves to give to others whether it's baking cookies or just being a good listener.



You got Spring! You are a very positive person that always looks towards the future, and can always find a bright side to everything. You love nature and you are most likely a hopeless romantic. You are very happy with your life but you know that you can always improve.