Do You Remember These LOL Oscar Moments?

We've had 85 Academy Award ceremonies so far, and each one had its fair share of laughs. How well do you know these iconic Oscar funny bits? (yes, this awards show can be funny at times!)

Greg Summers
Created by Greg Summers
On Oct 23, 2019
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Who did Jack Black and Will Ferrell catch falling asleep?

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Who went completely nuts when Sofia Loren handed them an Oscar?

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Ellen DeGeneres is set to host the 86th annual Academy Awards. Back in 2007, when she last hosted, who did she give her screenplay to?

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...And who was Ellen DYING to take a picture with?

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Because Billy Crystal hosted the Oscars 9 times, he claims he can read the minds of nominees. So who's the one with the uncomfortable underwear?

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Who mashed-up two of America's favorite children's toys with the X-rated "Midnight Cowboy"?

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Bob Hope hosted the Academy Awards 14 times including in 1966 - the first to air live in color. Which Best Actor nominee did he lampoon for a famous punchline?

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Who showed up in full Avatar gear?

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...And who showed up in full Queen Elizabeth of England gear?

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Who do Jack Black, Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly want to take home after the show?

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