Are You A Germaphobe?

Are you obsessed with cleanliness and defeating bacteria? Or are you actually giving them a healthy and natural environment to thrive in? Find out the truth about your hygiene habits.

Greg Summers
Created by Greg Summers
On Aug 1, 2014

Do you wash your hands more than 10 times during a regular day?

On an average day, when do you take your daily shower?

Would you eat a sandwich that fell on the grass at the park?

Would you drink straight from the can or would you use a cup?

Would you use your office bathroom for no. 2?

A dirty man just sat next to you on the bus. Will you move or stay in your seat?

Will you buy second-hand clothes?

Do you use bar soap or liquid soap

You see a great couch at a side street corner. Would you take it home?

How often do you clean your home?

Yes, You Are A Germaphobe!

Yes, You Are A Germaphobe!

Yes, you are a Germaphobe!
You clean yourself constantly, often taking more than one shower a day. You have a "No-Shoes" policy inside the house and you probably have no pets.

You clean your computer at least once a day, your kitchen counter is always spotless and your house smells like lemon soap 24 hours a day.

No, you are not a Germaphobe!

No, you are not a Germaphobe!

You are not a Germaphobe and you don't really mind getting down and dirty :)
Your home is pretty messy most of the time but it doesn't really bother you too much. You shower once a day at most (in the winter you may go for once in two or three days).Your pets' fur is everywhere (even if you don't have pets), and you can't figure out where that funky smell around the house comes from for the past 4 years.

You're on the fence

You're on the fence

You are on the fence!
You are not a total germaphobe but you can become one if you don't keep track of yourself. Your home is mostly organized, you shower every day and you don't have weird funky smells around the house. Yet...