Are You Actually a Dog or a Cat Person?

Meow or woof woof?

Greg Summers
Created By Greg Summers
On Feb 13, 2019

Do you prefer cute baby photos or cute animal photos?

Which is the worst thing ever?

It's your day off: Would you go to the park or stay at home?

How much money can you waste on your pet each month?

Tuna or Salmon?

Current hits or classical music?

Do you use social media sites?

Pick a mobile game

Android or iPhone?

You are a:

You see a stray cat in the middle of the street. Will you take him home or call the authorities?

You are at a friend's birthday party. Would you try and talk to the people you don't know, or would you stick with the ones you do?

Dog Person

Dog Person

You are a dog person!
You like to stay active, meet new people, exercise and generally explore everything-everytime-everywhere. If you could, you would quit your day job, travel around the world and see (and mark) every beautiful corner of this earth.
You are a very friendly person and that probably helped you in life. People like you instantly, they see you as a trustworthy and sensitive person. And YES! a DOG is definitely the pet for you.

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Cat Person

Cat Person

You are a cat person!
You are a very calm and calculated person. You don't like taking unnecessary risks and jumping into situations before you know exactly what's going on. You enjoy the simple things life has to offer: Food, naps and the occasional jumping around. It doesn't take much to make you happy, and that's exactly why you are so popular among people.
In case you were wondering, your pet should definitely be a CAT!

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