How Cool Were You In The 80s?

The 80s took its style seriously. New Romantics, big hair, power dressing, the fitness craze and Princess Diana mania. How many of these classic 80s looks did you rock?

Greg Peck
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On Mar 29, 2017
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In the 80s would you be seen Dead (or Alive?) in an eye patch?

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Madonna is Desperately Seeking Susan - did you have a classic pair of Ray-Bans in the Eighties?

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Michael J Fox went Back To The Future - did you rock a denim shirt and Gilet combo?

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When you're a Karma Chameleon it's easy to chop and change your look - but did you flirt with New Romantic make up in the 80s?

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They may have been made from precious gems, but Diana made chokers into an 80s fashion statement. Did you wear them?

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The Madonna-inspired jewellery, the crucifix, the ra ra skirt, peroxide mop hairstyle, the transparent black top - it's the 80s! Did you channel this look?

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As Alexis in Dynasty Joan Collins could easily carry off power dressing. Did you wear jackets with wide shoulders?

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Grace Jones' hooded dress was the precursor to Kylie Minogue's look in the 'I Just Can't Get You Out Of My Head' video. The look says 'Bring It On' - did you ever wear a hooded dress?

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Jane Fonda took over the TV airways in her 80s fitness videos - check out her leg warmers! Did you wear them in the '80s?

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Michael Douglas epitomised 80s 'loadsamoney' culture in Wall Street - did you also have a big cell phone?

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A Flock of Seagulls with asymmetric hair - very New Romantic, very 80s. Did you have a geometric haircut?

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Did you wear perfectly tailored 80s suits?

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The Katharine Hamnett slogan t shirt was taken up by pop stars and public alike. Did you own one?

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In the 80s hair was BIG - did you have big hair?

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