Which GARDEN PARTY MASSACRE Character Are You?

Are you the clod? The kook? The killer?

Find out which character from the hilarious new horror/comedy film GARDEN PARTY MASSACRE you most emulate.

Then share it and challenge your friends to play. It's to die for!

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Gregory Blair
Created by Gregory Blair
On Mar 29, 2017

Leader or Team Player?

What's your weapon of choice?

Keep Calm or Scream Bloody Murder?

It's A Party! What Do You Bring?

Your tombstone will read...

Your best feature is...



"Okay. On three, everyone run like hell!"

You are CALEB.

You're a born leader, host of the party and lean toward the heroic. You're easy going unless people push your buttons. You're equally at home giving orders or taking action. You're likely to live and get the girl.

Unless. . .



"Oh, I'm so sorry, but I get kind of on edge when I'm almost getting killed!!!"

You are ADDISON.

You're a perky, passionate perfectionist who throws a swell party. You're also a hormonal mess. You love as fiercely as you loath. You can be overly dramatic at times. You do not suffer fools without a sarcastic comment. Even so, you are undeniably loveable.



"Between her fruitcake and her outfit, I wasn't sure if it was Christmas or Halloween!"

You are WESLEY.

You're colorful, charismatic and clever. You can also be catty. You're a hopeless romantic and a tad impulsive. You lean to be passive, but are not afraid to take charge when required. You have fabulous fashion sense and think Scott Bakula is god.




You are LINK.

Okay. So you're not the brightest bulb in the box. In fact, you probably couldn't even find the box. But when you do finally come up with a good idea, it's golden. You've also got a big heart and a dopey, amiable charm that's hard to resist. And your geek factor shines through in your love of sci-fi and horror.



"He's playing with us! It's like he's a cat and we're all dead mice!"

You are REENA.

You're a good and true friend, always willing to try to help others. The proverbial glass, however, is usually half empty in your eyes and you have vivid ways of expressing your dark thoughts. You can be very brave when motivated and are often brutally honest. You're also a self-described MacGyver girl . . . unless your break a nail.



"Imagine: he was only married to me for two months and his brain exploded!"

You are MELANIE.

You're brassy, bold and bodacious. You're also a little nuts. You're unafraid to go for what you want, but you might not always think your actions through. You can also be a little judgmental. But you're wildly creative and know how to fill out your clothes with all the right curves.

Psycho Killer

Psycho Killer

You are the PYSCHO KILLER.

You're not usually invited to the party and you don't really care. You don't play well with others. You'd rather be alone. All alone. Like with everyone else dead. You like swinging heavy objects, preferably into someone's skull. You're the type only a mother would love . . if you hadn't decapitated her. Oops.