Are YOU the worst golfer in your friend group?

Answer these 12 golfing questions to see where you stand!

Created by GolfMagic
On May 8, 2019

Do you have an official golf handicap?

Which of these golfers has won five career majors?

How far do you drive the ball on average?

Are you allowed to putt with the flagstick in the hole?

How many golf balls are typically in your bag prior to playing 18 holes?

Which shot do you fear the most?

How many golf clubs can be found in your bag?

In strokeplay, a competitor discovers during the play of the 3rd hole, that he is carrying 15 clubs. How many total penalty strokes does the player incur for this breach?

Which format of the game do you prefer playing?

Can you create backspin with your wedges?

Do you use a pen to mark your golf balls before a round of golf?

How many greens in regulation do you usually hit in a round of 18 holes?

It's better it came from us.

It's better it came from us.

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Middle of the pack.

Middle of the pack.

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Simply the best.

Simply the best.

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