The French Revolution

From La Bastille and Louis XVI to Robespierre and Madame Guillotine, how much do you know about the French Revolution?

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On Jul 17, 2017
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How many prisoners were inside the Bastille prison when it was stormed by revolutionaries?

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King Louis XVI was executed on 21 January 1793, but how many charges were brought against him?

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The radical militants of the peasant class were called "Les Sans-Culottes", but what does culottes mean?

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Which of the following was adopted by the revolutionaries?

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What did Marie Antoinette supposedly do to ensure a quick death?

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Why were the royal family eventually caught during their escape attempt?

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Execution by guillotine was a punishment in France until which date?

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Which well known character was one of the seven prisoners in the Bastille on the day it was stormed?

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Why did Marie Antoinette apologise before being executed?

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How much bread would an adult male peasant eat per day before the revolution?

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