Mamdouh Bayan

I am a Director renowned for media visuals and music video shoots. I have also directed TV commercials and photoshoots in my 11 years of industry experience. I come from the country of Lebanon which is quite adaptive of the other cultures.

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On Oct 11, 2019
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Mamdouh Bayan embarks on a new journey, joins beIN Sports TV

Imagine being a media and communications student, what would be your dream? To join a leading media organization particularly a Television channel which enjoys global viewership across various domains, right? Mamdouh had a similar dream which turned into a reality. But how? It is easier said than done to get the job of your dreams where you enjoy working the most. 

Mamdouh got a job of his dreams only after putting in real efforts for 11 years. 

If you are a youngster in this domain, you need to follow how individuals like Mamdouh Bayan have made their way up the industry. We are talking years of struggle, hardships, constant battling against and defeating hardships and knocking all the obstacles that come in your way. 

Mamdouh’s initial working experience

Gaining experience is very essential for an artist who is contemplating the possibility of being remembered as a notable individual domain. Without good experience, nobody survives in the media and entertainment industry. 

When Mamdouh graduated from a reputable university, he started off working as a freelancer for a couple of photoshoots and music videos direction. He got the chance to direct music videos for famous Middle Eastern singers and artists including Balqees Fathi, Khaled Salem, Dina Hayek, Diana Haddad, and Naya. He also had the opportunity to direct an incredible short film titled ‘If We Can Change’. 

All of his music videos and short films can be viewed on his Vimeo channel. Show some love!

Mamdouh was always open to any and every career opportunity that ever knocked on his door. He understood very well the changing dynamics of this industry. When he got the chance to join beIN Sports TV, he never thought for a second and welcomed the new phase of his life with immense joy. 

Creativity has no limits 

For an artist to perform freely, he needs to be given the liberty of creativity that he can exercise in the projects and assignments. Mamdouh being a great fan of sports himself knows plenty of technicalities about different sports which gives him definite leverage over others. He is able to utilize his knowledge about sports to employ a creative face to the content that goes on-air. 

Read more about Mamdouh’s struggle in the media industry in his latest interview. Seek some motivation from there as well as he says, “Don’t let your fear become an obstacle in your journey of success. Believe me, when I say this, you only get failed if you fear from it.”

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