5 Really Weird Comic Book Stories

Comic books have been around for a really long time now. And with new comics coming out every single week there are bound to be times when writers just aren't brining their A-game to their respective titles for one reason or another.

Maybe they want to shake things up, maybe they've written themselves into a corner, or maybe all that creative freedom went straight to their head. Whatever the reason here are five instances when comic book stories got a little weird.

5. The Punisher Turns Black

Punisher is one bad dude and has made a lot of enemies over the years of delivering street level justice. All that action caught up with Frank Castle in 1991 when a story saw him sent to prison for being a vigilante

This mean that Punisher was now surrounded by all those he had punished in the past. His longtime nemesis, Jigsaw, just happened to get his hands on Castle and managed to disfigure him, cutting his face right down to the bone.

A battered and disfigured Punisher manages to break out of the clink and finds a black-market surgeon to fix his poor face. Castle decided to ask the surgeon to give him a new face to no one will know who he is. The surgeon did as they were told, but it just happened that said surgeon was a doctor turned junkie prostitute.

She decided to take some liberty and remade Punisher by turning him black somehow. Yes, it's as terrible and insensitive as it sounds, even back in 1991. Castle went on to have an adventure with Luke Cage because why not.

The pair save some people, deal with racist hillbilly cops even though the story took place in Chicago. What's worst is the the artist on the book can't differentiate Cage or Castle and can't even keep their skin tones correct during the run. Oh, and Punisher just naturally turns back into a white guy because plot reasons.

4. Elf with a Gun

Melf is, well, and Elf with a gun. That's it. He has no powers, no special abilities, no traits other than he is an Elf and uses a regular gun to murder people. Oh, and he was once an early antagonist to the Defenders.

In the original stories in which he appeared he simply shot people at random for no other reason that it was a fun thing to do. Creator Steve Gerber stated that, “'He was nothing but a metaphor for the chaotic and inexplicable nature of existence, the "beast in the jungle" that you spend a lifetime planning for but which still comes as a surprise or maybe never comes at all.”

Those early Defenders stories were pretty weird, but an Elf with a gun might just take the care. What's more interesting is that The Defenders never actually fought him. He just sort of showed up during their adventures and murdered people while they were around.

Melf was eventually taken down, but The Defenders didn;t have any part of it. Just as Melf was about to shoot another random person in his quest of chaos a truck came out of nowhere and ran him over, killing him. Just imagine Melf the next time you binge watch The Defenders series over on Netflix

3. Aquababy Murdered

Back in the 1970s comic books were just starting to get more serious and deal with real-world issues and problems. Then there was the team working on Aquaman who decided one-up everyone and murder Aquababy to mix things up in Aqualand.

His enemy Black Manta decides to kidnap Aquababy to royally piss of Aquaman. Sticking him in a bubble that is slowly filling with air, Black Manta has Aquaman battle Aqualad in the Aqua-aqua while Aqua plays over the speakers.

One of the two heroes must die for Black Manta to free Aqualad, but the pair just team up and beat up Black Manta and his Aqua-thugs in the process. Unfortunately, Aquaman is too late and Aquababy dies in the process from suffocation.

This is an important arc that leads Mera laying the blame for their sons death on Aquaman, leading to continued tension and a darker tone moving forward. The death has stood ever since and DC even brought a zombie Aquababy back during Blackest Night because why not zombie baby.

2. A Room Full Of Heads

Spot was a minor character that I only know about from the 90s animated Spider-Man series where nobody was allows to punch anyone with a closed fist because "children's programing" or something like that.

He used portals to annoy Spider-Man and didn't do much of note aside from being a pest. Then the people that game Spot his powered decided to try again with a man named Coyote. This difference was that this was an already bad dude before getting portal powers.

He is sent after Daredevil and his portal creating power is a nice fit that really puts Daredevil off balance as it jacks up his radar sense. But the weird part comes from how much of a dick he is with those said portal making powers.

Anyone that pisses him off gets their head teleported from their body and sent to a closet full off all the heads he's taken. But the real kicker is that these people don't die and their heads are very much alive, only stuffed in a room and fed like cattle while their bodies wander about.

1. Superboy Gets Turned Into A Fish

There was a time when comic books were absolutely insane and had writers creating stories based on a dartboard of random events. Take, for instance, the time Superboy got turned into a merman.

Some dudes in Atlantis suck Superboy into the sea with a massive tornado and stick him in a machine that spins hims around really fast turning him into a fish man. Oh, it also strips him of his powers.

The world is fine though as his Superboy robots take over for him, but without his powers of super-ventriloquism (yes, that was a real power he had) he can't contact anyone to let them know where he is. Thankfully being a merman gives him telepathic powers, because reasons, and Superboy contacts his parents.

Along the way he saves people with his new fish powers of telekinesis, because that's something fish have. In the end he drinks a potion that fixes everything because next month something else needed to happen to him like being turned in a fat kid (that actually happened).