Is Your Home In Danger Of A Break-In? Calculate How Secure Your Home Is.

Is your home an impenetrable fortress of security or a thief's dream home? Found out some of the biggest home security mistakes you may be making!

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On Mar 30, 2015

How often do you lock your doors and windows when you leave the house?

Do you keep expensive items and valuables hidden, and out of plain sight?

How thick are your doors?

Do your doors have deadbolt locks?

Do you have a home security system?

Do you own a dog?

Do you have large trees or shrubs in your yard?

Do you post pictures while on vacation?

Does your yard have a fence?

Do you have automatic light timers?

Do your neighbors have a security system?

Super Secure!

Super Secure!

Your home is your castle! Congratulations on keeping your home safe. Consider taking your home to the next level by making your house a "smart home". Learn more here:

About Average

About Average

Your house isn't a high-risk but there's not a whole lot stopping a burglar from giving your home a look through. Consider upgrading your security.

Security Risk

Security Risk

Your home needs help! There's next to nothing standing between you and potential burglars. Check out these home security tips ( and consider installing a home security system!