How Travel Savvy Are You?

Clued up or not a clue? Find out just how travel savvy you are with our quiz!

Frontier London Headquarters
On Feb 2, 2016

So you've found you dream destination! Now it's time to book your flights! Do you . . .

When you arrive at the airport you realise you have forgotten your tickets! What you do?

So you arrive in your first destination and its dinner time, you’re feeling a bit peckish after that long flight! Do you . . .

So, it's market day and your packing for the day. Do you . . .

When packing clothes in your back pack, do you . . .

Pro Traveler!

Pro Traveler!

Wow you really are a super savvy traveller, you really know your stuff! You've obviously had plenty of practice and a passport adorned with colourful stamps from around the world.

A simple and short trip away probably wouldn't satisfy your adventurous streak so why not take a look at one of our Ethical Eco Trails?

Semi Savvy Traveler!

Semi Savvy Traveler!

We think you'll be a seasoned pro traveler in no time! You're already most of the way there and you are certainly more worldly than a lot of your friends. A few more trips and your passport will be full of stamps.

If you want to head on your next adventure, explore forests and beaches and experience some awesome wildlife why not check out our projects in Madagascar?

Somewhat Savvy Traveler1

Somewhat Savvy Traveler1

We think you've got tons of potential to be a totally savvy traveller, you're obviously a real wander luster with the will to travel, you just need to get out there and show the world what you're made of!

We think you would be perfect for our Tenerife project, why not challenge yourself in 2016!