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On Sep 23, 2015
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Redskins-Giants (8:25 p.m. Thursday, CBS): This season marks the 30th anniversary of Giants linebacker Lawrence Taylor ending the career of Redskins quarterback Joe Theismann on “Monday Night Football.” What play were the Redskins trying to run when Taylor’s hit led to Theismann’s gruesome leg injury?

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Falcons-Cowboys (1 p.m. Sunday, FOX): Two of these teams’ 25 meetings have been in the postseason, with Dallas winning both games. What two years were those back-to-back meetings?

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Colts-Titans (1 p.m. Sunday, CBS): The Titans have won only one of the past 13 games between these teams, 27-10 in Week 8 of the 2011 season. Who started at quarterback in that game for a Colts team that ended up 2-14? (Hint: he’s the guy in the picture.)

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Raiders-Browns (1 p.m. Sunday, CBS): The Raiders (Charles Woodson) and Browns (Johnny Manziel) will each have a Heisman Trophy winner on the field Sunday, but Woodson was once part of a Raiders team that featured three Heisman winners – one of only five teams in history to do so. What Heisman winners teamed with Woodson back in 1998?

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Bengals-Ravens (1 p.m. Sunday, CBS): The Ravens have won two Super Bowls since they were born in 1996, which is two more than the Bengals have won since they entered the NFL in 1968. Who is the only Ravens coach to not win a Super Bowl?

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Jaguars-Patriots (1 p.m. Sunday, CBS): The Jaguars and Patriots have met 10 times since Jacksonville entered the league in 1995. How many of those were playoff games?

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Saints-Panthers (1 p.m. Sunday, FOX): Two of the best quarterbacks in Panthers history – Kerry Collins and Jake Delhomme – had brief stints with the Saints. Which started a regular-season game for New Orleans first, and when?

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Eagles-Jets (1 p.m. Sunday, FOX): Which of these four quarterbacks has not started a game for both of these green-clad teams?

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Buccaneers-Texans (1 p.m. Sunday, FOX): The Buccaneers chose quarterback Jameis Winston with the No. 1 overall pick in the 2015 draft. Which quarterback did the Texans choose with the first pick in the 2002 draft?

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Chargers-Vikings (1 p.m. Sunday, CBS): Vikings running back Adrian Peterson set the NFL single-game rushing yards record in a 2007 win against the Chargers. How many yards did he gain in Minnesota’s 35-17 victory?

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Steelers-Rams (1 p.m. Sunday, CBS): The Steelers have won six Super Bowls, including a 31-19 victory against the Rams in Super Bowl XIV. How many Super Bowls had Pittsburgh won before that game?

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49ers-Cardinals (4:05 p.m. Sunday, FOX): Which Cardinals player ended the career of 49ers Hall of Fame quarterback Steve Young with a hard hit that gave Young a concussion during a 1999 Monday night game?

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Bills-Dolphins (4:25 p.m. Sunday, CBS): Which player set an NFL playoff record with 240 receiving yards in the Dolphins’ 24-17 victory against the Bills on Jan. 2, 1999?

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Bears-Seahawks (4:25 p.m. Sunday, CBS): The Bears and Seahawks have met twice in the playoffs since Seattle moved from the AFC to the NFC in 2002. What was the result of those games?

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Broncos-Lions (8:30 p.m. Sunday, NBC): These teams have met twice on Thanksgiving, most recently 25 years ago, in 1990. In that Lions victory, who was the Detroit starting quarterback who gave some help to Barry Sanders by going 18-for-30 for 248 yards with three touchdown passes while future Hall of Famer John Elway went 24-for-35 for 243 yards, zero touchdowns and one interception?

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Chiefs-Packers (8:30 p.m. Monday, ESPN): The Packers’ 2-7-1 all-time record vs. the Chiefs gives them their lowest winning percentage (.250) against any NFL team. Green Bay’s last meeting against the Chiefs, in 2011, was particularly tough on the Packers for what reason?

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