The Life and Works of Thomas Hardy

Born on June 2nd 1840 Thomas Hardy’s life spanned a time of extraordinary change. From his mid-Victorian rural childhood to the social upheaval the 1920s his writings bear witness to the Industrial Revolution; the social injustices and technical advances that changed the landscape of England.

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Which English county was Hardy born in?

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In which novel is a suicide and infanticide note found that reads "Done because we are too menny.”

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In 1871 Hardy’s first novel was published, what was its name?

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What does Tess name her little son just before he dies?

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What is Jude Fawley prevented from doing because of his class?

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What is the timespan of The Return of the Native?

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In Far From the Madding Crowd why doesn’t Troy marry Fanny on their arranged wedding day?

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Which of Hardy’s novels was censored when it was first published?

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Which of his novels is subtitled The Life and Death of a Man of Character?

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Which novel features a school mistress called Fancy Day?

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Where does Henchard meet Lucette Le Sueur who nurses him back to health?

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Which novel is about a love triangle between Elfride Swancourt and her two suitors?

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At the beginning of The Mayor of Casterbridge, what does Henchard sell for five guineas?

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What was the name of the semi-fictional county that was the setting for most of Hardy’s work?

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What profession did Hardy train in?

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Where was Hardy buried in January 1928?

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The Man he Killed is a poem about which war?

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Which novel begins on Guy Fawkes Night?

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What was the name of Hardy’s first wife whose death – even though they had separated - he never got over?

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Like one of his later characters, what did Hardy’s father do for a living?

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