Are you a time traveler and don't know it?

By Directive 2051.2 of the STC Impulse Project; it is now hereby commenced by decree Sec.7-Auth-HuntersIV - Our mission; to help you traverse the space/time wave #K23ED6.22 to save the planet from disaster; to get your help we need to find you. Help us help you!

Floyd Kelly
Created By Floyd Kelly
On Sep 22, 2018
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5 Beta + 1 Alpha - 6 Gamma x (Gray/Dark) =

Stare at this sentence for 15 seconds.

Are you suddenly experiencing nausea?

The SIFS can be quantized by dividing the apples and oranges into quantum zeptoseconds.

Is the above statement
True or False?

The drum machine from the past is keenly upon your cast. Six seconds of activity is too fast.

What would you use to facilitate this neuro-psycho implant?

The Lorentz Transformations can be stored into lattice material for later recall.

Is the above statement
True or False?

The Super Quantum Interference Device is crucial to
Guide Star alignment.

Is the above statement
True or False?

How tall are the people in your dreams?

Choose a number between
1 and 43,297.

How do you describe the number you just chose?

Do low-frequency sounds give you "goose bumps"?

Five chickens and two carrots make soup.

Does the replicator create the elements and combine?

Answer Yes or No please.

You have answered 10 questions thus far.

Did you lie or slack-off in your answers and not take this test seriously?

Are you skilled at expelling body gases without making noise?

Do you have a secret yearning to be standing on the corner of Piedmont and Main
on August 26, 2029?

Does your skin's appearance change to chrome or metallic on rainy days?

Do any of the below listed words terrify you when you hear the word?

Yell out,
"Freaky Mama!".

Wait 20 seconds.

Check your elbows;
what do you see?

May we contact you?

When you smell orange juice; does a sudden glittery rash appear on your eyelids?

How many tensors will be needed for one X-Y-Z plot? Then divide each point by three.

We want two layers.

This is Question #20; we like to ensure we are analyzing your data correctly.

When you look in the mirror; does your reflection sometimes disappear into a blue haze?

Based on your answers thus far; there is a possibility that you are a time traveler.

Does saying the word "melon" make you feel overly anxious?

Do you have a secret yearning to buy a book on
August 26, 2029?

What was the score on your last Progressive Matrices Test?

When you look up at the sky;
which of the following do you see?

Do you have a secret addiction to eating giant crimini mushrooms?

Would you be willing to abandon your entire life, hop on a vehicle destined for Mars on a one-way trip to set up a colony in the furtherance of humanity?

Would you be willing to abandon your entire life and go shopping if you were given
1 million in your currency?

Choose the closest statement below in reference to how you think you smell to other people.

Have you ever deflatulated in an elevator?

This is Question #30.
You are doing good.

Select one of the following statements below:

Do you remember the name of your great grandfather's co-worker's aunt's neighbor?

Are you having fun taking this test?

Do you have a secret stash of chocolates?

Do you have a secret stash of onions?

How many microns of Helium belong in the dewar?

Have you ever heard of
NASA Gravity Probe B?

NASA Gravity Probe B

Do you know what the
London Moment represents?

Select one of the statements below that best describes you.

Do you have a secret yearning to meet two people
August 26, 2029?

Do you like to eat
pinto beans and cauliflower together?

You have answered 40 Questions
time flies!

Have you ever attended any schools for applying clown makeup?

Do YOU think you are a time traveler?

You are tasked with creating a particle system with exactly 8 particle nodes of halos and with .1 velocity.

Do you have the skills to create this in under 20 minutes?

When you see the phrase
"Green Gluon"
and August 26, 2029

Do you feel overly empowered?

You are about to be presented with an image.

Respond if you have seen the image before at any time in your life.

Have you ever heard of the
Escape from Earth
Project GATE2051AD?

Which would be more powerful; binary or ternary?

In honesty, have you ever experienced a verified premonition?

Are you extremely terrified of garlic?

Do you have an unusually strong attraction to very tall castles?

When you were younger, did you ever know a man named Leroy?

Did your great grandmother ever call you a freak?

We will display another image for you.

Please indicate your response below the image.

In another timeline, a man will be stranded on Mars with 1 piece of music to hear on repeat.

What is the name of that piece of music?

Has any person ever
termed you a heretic?

Do you have an overwhelmingly
strong attraction to witches?

When you look at black curtains, do you see glowing purple shadows of interdimensional beings?

Do you consider yourself all alone in the world?

Wow, you have answered
60 Questions.

Have you ever tried to invoke telekinesis?

In all honesty, taking into account all that you know in life; do you think you may be a mutant with a special skill?

Are you extremely attracted to shiny objects?

Have you ever "mowed the lawn" with a pair of scissors instead of a standard lawnmower?

Following is another image.

You know what to do now.

Is it possible to apply a Simple Deform modifier to a mesh icosphere?

Do you know how to use a Parametric Equalizer?

Thus far, we detect at least a 32% chance that you are a time traveler.

Do you like rabbits?

Do you have a strange compulsion to collect broken vacuum cleaners by the thousands?

The word "pumpkin" spoken aloud, causes you to experience a sudden rash on your left thigh.

What color is your rash?

Does your skin shine like a glowing golden metal when you drink grape juice?

Has your hair ever changed from brown color to blonde overnight?

At some time in the past, were you ever at a BINGO game on Purdue Street, on a Saturday night, in June; while it was raining?

At some point in 1971, do you recall ever speaking to a woman named Donovan at a bistro on Pennsylvania Avenue?

Do you recall standing on an ocean-going vessel in 1971; and film recording a cigar-shaped UFO over the waters of the Pacific Ocean?

Do your elbows glow
at 15:03 GMT everyday?

Do you have an unhealthy obsession with large shoulder pads that have tassels and bling?

Were you ever at a party, in October; where a guest accidentally knocked over a bottle of grape juice onto a wedding dress?

Do you believe that you were born to do something amazing with positive historic effects?

Our transcribers found code phrases possibly connecting you to a different past.

Which phrase grabs your attention?

Have you ever seen any of the
timecode phrases below?

Think carefully.

Which of the following surnames could represent the year 2026 and the term "future president".

You consider yourself to be a ...

Do you see yourself now, or at some time in the future - eating fried chicken at a White House Presidential Dinner?

How often do you
synchronicity events?

Based on your last answer, there is now a 67% chance that you are a time traveler.

May we contact you?

Are you fixated on the date August 26, 2029?

Have one or more individuals in your past termed you psychotic?

Does hearing any of the following words cause you to feel extremely uncomfortable?

As you read the code below; you may be experiencing a physical reaction.

CODE: 00 00 E0

Would you be willing to meet two scientists near
Piedmont and Main;
perhaps some time on
August 26, 2029?

Tell us about your emotional state at this very moment...

Which of the following best describes you?

And again, which of the following best describes you at this moment.

Your answers indicate a 79% chance you are a time traveler.

Choose a statement below:

Dang! Your answer dropped your chance to 45%.

Keep going though, choose one of the following statements.

You are almost done!

Let's get you a few more points; go ahead, select one of the following statements.

And the final question, whew!

Go ahead, select one of the following.


Based on your answers, you are more than likely a time traveler.


Based on your answers, you are more than likely a time traveler.

WOW! You are more than likely a time traveler! You are really smart and amazingly astute. Your intelligence is of the ages. Pronounce yourself on the world stage. Be all you can be. Your beacon has been initiated and we will be in touch soon.

Based on your answers, you are probably not a time traveler.

Based on your answers, you are probably not a time traveler.

NOPE. You are probably not a Time Traveler. However, we did detect flatulent responses while recording your answers. People like you have a knack for flamboyant shin-digs so keep testing. This is a rigorous test so be proud and have a nice day!