Sergio, in Barça's Top-5 of players with most matches

With the minutes played against Celta, the midfielder occupies a privileged position in the ranking of Barça legends

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On Nov 9, 2019
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What can you remember about Busquets' debuts in each competition?

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His first Liga game was against Racing Santander in 2008. Who was Barça manager at the time?

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How did his Champions League debut end?

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He made his Copa del Rey debut on the Costa Blanca. Who against?

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His Spanish Super Cup debut was at which stadium?

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His European Super Cup debut was in 2009. Who scored the extra time winner against Shakhtar Donetsk?

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Busquets scored in his first Club World Cup match. Against which Mexican side?

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Busquets' shirt numbers

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What number did he wear in his debut season, 2008/09?

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From 2009/10 to 2013/14, he wore...

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And for the last six seasons he has been wearing...

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Goals, captaincy and trophies!

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Which was his first competitive goal?

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In which season did he become one of the captains?

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How many titles (including super cups) has he won?

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