Difficult Person Test: Do You Fall In The 'Difficult Person' Category?

There are certain traits that can get you labeled as being ‘difficult’. Do you display any of them? Try this difficult person test.

Faye Remedios
Created by Faye Remedios
On Mar 9, 2022
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Being considered a difficult person can affect your relationships. Of course, no one is perfect. And recognizing certain characteristics that can make you hard to get along with is your first step to changing your behaviour, getting the advice, support and help if you need it, and in this way, being on your way to developing healthier, happier relationships with people and yourself. Because if you’re hard on others, there’s a good chance you’re not so easy on yourself either.


Compromising is hard


You tend to be aggressive


You always have something to complain about


You tend to be paranoid

Are You A Difficult Person?

Take our quiz to see where you stand.

1 / 13

What’s your stand on compromising?

2 / 13

It’s easy for me to set my ego aside and admit I’m wrong

3 / 13

When people don’t live up to your expectations, you tend to…

4 / 13

In a conversation, the person doing the most talking is…

5 / 13

You are open to getting and taking advice from others

6 / 13

Do you have to be…

7 / 13

Conversations are a chance to…

8 / 13

In a tough situation, you tend to…

9 / 13

You tend to get excluded from group activities often

10 / 13

You tend to have a ___ circle of friends

11 / 13

Everything is a competition

12 / 13

You’re ___ to judge

13 / 13

When it comes to grudges, you tend to…

Questions left

You’re extremely suspicious


You thrive on manipulation

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