Can You Match The New Years Eve Tradition To The Country It's Practiced In?

People all over the world will ring in the New Year with traditions passed down from generation to generation. Can you guess where those generations come from based on the tradition?

C.j. Eugene
Created by C.j. Eugene
On Dec 27, 2017
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Each person eats 12 grapes, one on each stroke of the clock at midnight, to bring good luck in the coming year, one for each month.

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People wear differently colored underwear depending on the kind of luck they hope to find in the coming year. People who want to find love wear red, and people who want financial success wear yellow. Those who wear white are looking for peace, and people who wear green are looking for good health.

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People melt a little bit of lead in a spoon, then pour it into cold water. The shape the lead forms as it hardens supposedly foretells what will happen to the person in the coming year. If it forms a ball, good luck will roll into their life. If it forms a cross, they're going to die. Meanwhile, stars and crowns portend happiness and wealth.

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People throw plates and other dishes at the doors of their friends and neighbors. The more dishes break on your door, the more good luck and friendship you'll experience in the coming year.

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People build scarecrows resembling politicians, celebrities, or other famous people, and burn them on the new year to cleanse all of the bad things from the last year and start the new year with a clean slate.

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People eat round foods and wear clothing with polka dots, to reinforce the idea of round coins continuing to flow into their lives and bring wealth and prosperity in the coming year.

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A tall dark-haired man bringing gifts of coins, coal, bread, salt, and whiskey is the first person to enter the house after the New Year and will bring good luck.

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People throw possessions off of balconies to symbolize a fresh start in the new year. Out with the old and in with the new.

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People dress up as bears and other animals and dance in ceremonies about death and rebirth.

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In one city, people gather downtown to see a giant glowing potato called the GlowTato dropped from the sky.

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107 bells ring out on the last day of the year, and one bell rings out on the first day of the new year to dispel the 108 evil passions that humans have.

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