Can You Identify These 13 Presidents At A Young Age?

Some presidents have always looked the same. Abraham Lincoln, for example, even without his iconic beard is pretty easy to pick out in a crowd. But some are a little harder to place. Test your presidential facial recognition here!

To run for president, you have to be at least 35 years old, although, of course, our youngest elected president ever was John F. Kennedy, who was elected at the age of 43. So, it's no surprise that sometimes it's harder to identify presidents at a young age. Our challenge to you today is to figure out who each of these young presidents are. Flip to find out!

We'll start with a pretty easy 19 year old...

Now, who is this oddly menacing football player?

And who is this 18-year-old Yale baseball player?

Now, who is this sailor?

Who is this tall teen?

And who is this cleanshaven fellow?

Who is this studly swimmer?

And who is this young sax player?

Who is this wild-maned football player?

Now, here's an easy one. Who is this handsome dog-lover?

And who is this stubbly studmuffin?

Now, who is this stylish smoker?

Finally, who is this military academy kid?

How many presidents did you guess correctly? Talk to us about it in the comments below, and share with your friends to see how many they can identify!