What Are Your Most Dominant Personality Traits?

Uncover the five most dominant attributes that are the foundation of your personality!

Estee Craven
Created By Estee Craven
On Mar 26, 2019

Which of these issues do you feel most passionate about?

Which of these statements most accurately reflects your feelings about romantic relationships?

Which of these things are you most afraid of?

How often do you cry?

What time of day do you feel most productive?

How would you describe your current mood?

Which of these animals best represents you when you're really mad?

Glass half full or half empty?

Intellectual Attributes

Intellectual Attributes

Your intellectual attributes are your most dominant traits!

1.) Achieving success is very important to you.
2.) When you start a project, you always complete it.
3.) You have a tendency to be a perfectionist.
4.) There are times in which you are very competitive and will do anything to win.
5.) You're practical, reliable and like to do things according to a plan.

Emotional Traits

Emotional Traits

Your emotional personality traits are most dominant!

1.) You are a compassionate soul with the inherent need to help others.
2.) Sometimes, you get lost in your daydreams and have a vivid imagination.
3.) Meaningful relationships are important to you and you strive to do whatever it takes to maintain them.
4.) There are times when your feelings can overwhelm you and you can be emotionally reactive.
5.) There is nothing more important to you than being seen as reliable and dependable.

Humorous Traits

Humorous Traits

Your sense of humor is your most dominant personality trait!

1.) You love being the center of attention.
2.) You feel most content when you're laughing or when you make others laugh.
3.) In the past, your sense of humor may have gotten you into trouble.
4.) You admire people who have bold personalities and aren't afraid to be themselves.
5.) You are very comfortable in large group settings and have no problem meeting new people and making friends.

Empathetic Attributes

Empathetic Attributes

Your empathetic attributes are the most dominant!

1.) Being able to make a difference in people's lives motivates you each and every day.
2.) Spending time with those who are less fortunate than you is important to you.
3.) You have a tendency to put the needs of others before your own.
4.) Compassion is a guiding force in your life and you act based upon intuition.
5.) Instinctively knowing how to help others is something that you've always been good at.