Prawn Cocktail 

Created By ESPN FC
On Apr 18, 2019
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Prawn Cocktail 

"La Pulga Atomica" looks pretty in pink.

Lightly Salted 

Messi's sons Thiago and Mateo help complete the look.

Chicken Ramen

Top player, Top Ramen.

Grilled Shrimp 

Shrimp-ly the best.

Salt & Vinegar 

Name a more iconic duo. We'll wait...


A timeless classic, re-imagined.

Black Pepper and Smoky BBQ

Messi and wife Antonella Roccuzzo personify this match made in heaven.

Xtra Spicy

Not for the faint-hearted.

Brazilian Zesty Chilli Style

Like Neymar, this flavour remains in the memory long after it's gone.

Christmas Elf

"Best wishes for the (2018-19) season! Love from Lionel, Antonella, Thiago, Mateo & Ciro x"